When the Metropolis of the Montenegrin Seaside is mentioned, one thinks about Budva that, with its pebble beaches and clear seawater and a pleasant climate, is among the most stunning seashores in the world. Budva lives 24 hours a day. The youth, singing, sports and entertainment attract thousands of guests from all over the world.


Seventeen beaches stretch along the Budva’s 21 km long seashore, which is among the most beautiful ones in the world and is abundant with the charm astounding you.


In order to justify the status of a metropolis, we have equipped our building for you - making sure it satisfies the highest standards for tourism.


The newly constructed building opened their tourism door in 2008, which can be witnessed by numerous delighted guests.


A lot of love and efforts were invested in developing it to provide our guests with pleasure and enjoyment during their vacation.

Villa Imperia
Topliški put 11, 85310 Budva, Crna Gora
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